Our Story

The Barnes & Barnes story is a very unique one!  Its first product, “Tropical Mint Tea” (iced tea) was born from a family recipe that was given to our mother, Linda.  In the early 1990's Linda was moved to relocate to Miami, where she was assisted by her brother, the Pastor of a local church, living with him and his family for a while, as she looked to settle into her own place. Being gifted in culinary arts and hospitality in general, her first work in the new church in Miami was to prepare Sunday dinner meals for the different families in the church as they would enjoy fellowship dinners with the Pastor and his family.  This activity lasted from October 1994 until May of the following year.  She would carefully and prayerfully  choose the menu, even in choosing the very store where the food was to be purchased.  She would also cook, serve and clean up afterward.

During the course of this activity (Sunday meal preparation), Linda was reminded  of the recipe for iced tea (Tropical Mint Tea) that was to be served with the meals.  For years 1994 - 2009 approximately, this tea was prepared for many church events, family gatherings, co-workers, weddings, graduations, etc. All enjoyed its flavorful, distinctive and unique taste.  She was frequently encouraged to market the tea by professionals in the culinary field.  However, nothing was done; she waited patiently until it was settled in her heart as to what should be done.

My mother contacted us nearly three years ago, informing us that it was now time for us to take the tea recipe, showing us that we should mass produce the product.  Initially, it took some time for us to become fully convinced and to  embrace this work, as was shown.  We both had our professional careers that consumed our time.  Nevertheless, we are here today, pursuing the work that  is now obvious to us that we were called to do…marketing a product in the marketplace… a unique, refreshing and delicious brand.

We are dedicated to the commitment of serving our customers by producing quality products that will advance the principles of loving, caring and sharing that characterize the spirit of our Mother, Linda, who is now the proprietor of a unique (and some say Heavenly) bed and breakfast, where Tropical Mint Tea continues to be served, along with a vast array of culinary delights, prepared of course by Linda's own hand, along with first class lodging. It is called the Unity House Bed and Breakfast. Address: 307 SW Dade Street, Madison, Fla. 32340; Tel: (850) 973-4556.  If Tropical Mint Tea is any indication of the quality that's in store for you, you are in for quite a treat! Stop by if you're in the area, or better still call ahead. You won't be disappointed!
Our Mission

The mission of Barnes and Barnes Company, LLC is to manufacture premium products that serve the general public; using nutritious, quality ingredients  to produce superior beverages and
other products that are refreshing and satisfying to the palate.