Our Tea is made with the freshest of ingredients


Non of our ingredients contain genetic material that has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering.

No High Fructose Corn Syrup

This syrup has been linked to the obesity epidemic and the development of type two diabetes.


Who are We?

The Barnes and Barnes Enterprises, LLC story (of two brothers, Carl and Jameel) is interesting and compelling. Its first product, “Tropical Mint Tea” iced tea) was born from a family recipe that was given to our mother, Linda. In the early 1990’s Linda relocated to Miami, where she lived with her brother, the Pastor of a local church.

Being gifted in the culinary arts and hospitality in general; her first work in the new church, in Miami, was to prepare Sunday dinner meals for families in the church. Families were given opportunity to enjoy private fellowship with the Pastor and his family. During the course of the Sunday meal preparations, Linda created an iced tea recipe that later became “Tropical Mint Tea.” This beverage was served with all the meals. The tea gained great popularity and became the beverage of choice for church events, family gatherings, co-workers, weddings, graduations, etc. All enjoyed its flavorful, distinctive and unique taste.

Our mother informed us some years later that it was time for her to pass the Tropical Mint Tea recipe to us for mass production. Our challenge was to bring Tropical Mint to the marketplace so the world could enjoy its wonderful taste. Initially, it took some time for us to become fully convinced and to embrace the undertaking. Nevertheless, we are here today, pursuing the work that is now obvious to us. We recognized that we are called to the manufacturing and marketing a brand of iced tea that is unique, refreshing and delicious to the palate. We are dedicated to the commitment of serving our customers by producing quality products that will advance the principles of loving, caring and sharing that characterize the spirit of our Mother, Linda, who is now the proprietor of a unique (and some say heavenly) bed and breakfast, where Tropical Mint Teas continues to be served, along with a vast array of culinary delights.

Contact Information

Phone: 786-343-0459